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APPLY NOW: Open Call for 3 units in Battersea, Stewart’s Road, London, SW8 4UB 


We are looking for artists or curators that would like a space to make and/or exhibit their artwork in these 3 units. 1 unit is on Stewart’s Road, SW8 4UB and the other 2 are on Clyston Street, SW8 4TT. The space is provided for free.* In return you will use the space fully and organise some public-facing events as part of your occupation. This could be a workshop, talk, performance or anything which supports your creative practice.

You may just want the space to work for free, or you might have a site-responsive proposal to explore the context, or simply want to mount a solo or group exhibition.

We expect to have these units for a year, maybe more.

Units 1 & 2 are ground floor clean white boxes which could offer a classical gallery space for creatives or curators who either make work to sell or organise public-facing selling exhibitions. Your use of the space will include public events which will appeal to the local community and spread experiences of culture. Unit 3 is larger but it is on the first floor. It is not public facing and would be better as studio, it has two rooms, one of which without natural light.


We are particularly interested in creatives who are local, cannot normally access making space, or would see this opportunity to test the commercial viability of their creative practice to help them reach the next stage of their career.We are committed to supporting creatives & communities most in need & will prioritise creatives who declare they are struggling – whether financially, mentally or physically.

Application Process

We accept applications from all creative practitioners and we have a variety of sites coming up to host a variety of art forms. We understand application processes can be time consuming so we have restricted the answers to a maximum of 100 words.

For short term project space we have application periods of approximately 2-3 weeks. For each placement we create a short list of 5 proposals that we put forward to our selection panel that will be comprised of our trustees and a local Cultural Partner (such as a curator of a museum). The success of your application for both the short list and being selected by the panel will be based on your answers in the application form so please read the questions carefully and follow the guidelines.

The areas that we will focus on are: what you plan to use the space for, how it would develop your practice and most importantly – the public event(s). This could be an exhibition walk through, talk, performance or whatever best suits your practice. You do not need a fully formed event as we understand your work in the studio space may inform what you do but we want to see what your initial thoughts are. The objective for this is to engage local communities but also for us to show your work to a wider audience.

Lastly, in the event that you are not successful, we will keep your application on file in the case that we will have other opportunities to put you forward for. If you do not want us to keep your application on file please let us know [email protected]

Occupancy availability

We are considering applications for residency from end of October 2022 onwards.

Application Deadline

All applications must be made online using the link below, and must be received no later than 6pm on 17th October 2022 at 6pm

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