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Opening party for DIVING INTO THE HILLS

This event has passed.

Opening party for DIVING INTO THE HILLS

In collaboration with Hypha Studios, ‘Diving into the Hills” brings together a group of 14 artists that explore the relationship between landscape, narrative, gender and experience in a crossgeographical context. Nanying Zhu and Jingxuan Lyu are curators aiming to perform an on-site spring diving, leading audiences to walk into the hills in the post-epidemic period.

Curated by Nanying Zhu & Jingxuan Lyu
Included artists are: Emma Sielaff, Evangeline Morris, Miles Lauterwasser, Christos Kakouros, Yuanyuan Liu, Feifan Hu, Nanying Zhu, Jing Wang, Ruiyao Zhu

Kindly supported by Regents Street W1

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Email: [email protected]
Socials @big.smiley.face  @evangelinemorrisartist  @miles-lauterwasser @christos_kakouros  @yaun_illustration @ionff  @nan_nannan Jing Wang, Ruiyao Zhu