Owl on the Roof presents: Broadwalk Easter Fête

This event has passed.

Owl on the Roof presents: Broadwalk Easter Fête

A traditional fair in a not so traditional place.

To the Broadwalk Easter Fête, we bring an array of traditional games and activities you would find at a village fair, such as Hook a Frog and Bag Toss, with events that will take place throughout the day where you can win you some yummy prizes! When you visit us in our fruit and veg shop, you’re sure to meet some fun characters like the Fairy God-Mother running her chocolate tombola.

Or maybe you’ll encounter the greedy Pirates that you’ll be working with on a treasure hunt to find the missing treasure! You’ll be able to make your own fairytale creatures with Little Red Riding Hood, who just loves arts and crafts! *Note from the company: As a group who are mostly from villages and have moved to the city, and we have found that we have been craving that community spirit that we experienced as kids at easter fairs. We want to really generate a buzz around Knowle and get the word out that there will be a big fun day in the shopping centre that all the family should come to, and really bring back that feel of a community that they had in the shopping centre 30+ years ago.

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