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Repair Collective x UAL: End Outsourcing – ‘Back In-House’ Film Screening

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Repair Collective x UAL: End Outsourcing – ‘Back In-House’ Film Screening


Repair Collective brings you an afternoon of film and discussion between cleaners, artists and activists to stand in solidarity with the UAL cleaners fight against outsourced contracts, and for stabilised employment. Come grab a bite and support!

Ahead of strikes, and the opening of UAL London College of Fashion’s Stratford Campus in June, Repair Collective presents a film screening of ‘Back In-House‘, a short film directed by Sean McSweyn. The film explores experiences of UAL cleaners, and stands in solidarity with their fight to be employed back “in-house”. The film is an extention of ‘Cleaning in Progress’, an audio installation by Repair Collective artist, Phoebe Wagner. ‘Cleaning in Progress’ details the experiences of cleaners locally.

Phoebe Wagner invites the ‘UAL End Outsourcing Campaign‘, to Hypha Studios, Stratford, to share the film and discuss the effects of outsourcing. For more information about the campaign and to support, visit:

For Phoebe Wagner’s progressing audio installation ‘Cleaning in Progress’, listen here:


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Phoebe Wagner (Repair Collective) – [email protected] – 07534 803 413

Alex Brent (GMB South London Universities Branch Secretary) – 07926 186 445