“Taste the difference” Pt. 2! Rehang opening night

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“Taste the difference” Pt. 2! Rehang opening night


50 Celebration Avenue, Stratford, London E20
PV Thursday 23rd Feb, 6pm-9pm
24th February – 10th March 2023
Open Wed-Sun 12-5pm

Loess collective presents “Taste the difference” Pt. 2! Join us for a continuation of our satirical and playful show, referencing the space’s former occupant – Sainsbury’s; A play on words with the supermarkets luxury food brand, the exhibition title plays subtle reference to the different nationalities, backgrounds and ideas of each artist.
A mixed media show comprising painting, sculpture, performance, installation and multimedia. This time around, come and interact with the works, join us for artist talks and panels, investigate the relationships to invasive species connecting to our ideas about human migration, explore socially constructed boundaries defining the body and the environment but most of all uncover our ideas surrounding food!

Come rediscover and taste the difference!
This exhibition is brought to you by artists from Goldsmiths Masters in Fine Art, and Masters in Curation, with the support of HYPHA STUDIOS, and made possible by Get Living.
Curated by Evie Banks, Margherita Ghella & Susanna Lopez

Aliceson Carter, Carmen Grey, Beverley Duckworth, Rebeka Vaino, Michelle Johnson, Cayentano Sanz de Santamaria, Alexander Tarasenko, Niovi Kafantari, Jiwon Yoo, Mengyan Luo, Ding Jiaying, Mati Araoz, Luke Bacon, Ilke Sahin, Denqian Xu, Ya Hsuan Hsiao, Tam Man Ching Michelle, Shiyu Zhou, Qiuxia Zhang, Bede Robinson, Jeehee Kim, Laurence Green, Lawrence Kirk, Michèle Saint-Michel, Ke Zhang, Khushboo, Anya Tong, Jaeho Shin