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Who holds the sword? By Isobel Atacus, Flora Bradwell & Lindsey Mclean

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Who holds the sword? By Isobel Atacus, Flora Bradwell & Lindsey Mclean

50 Celebration Avenue, Stratford, London E20
PV Thursday 26th January, 6pm-9pm
27th January – 10th March 2023
Open Thurs-Sun 12-5pm

Immerse yourself in the swamp-like world of ‘Who holds the sword?’ an exhibition of work with the image of the sword at its centre. Encompassing sculpture, painting, installation and performance this playful show skews traditional gender norms via a contemporary medieval focus. The work fills the space to create an atmospheric environment that plays with perception and creates surprise. A PVC pig’s head eyeballs a flaccid knight, chain mail underpants glint in the light cast from a triple pronged painted blade. Adorning the walls is an armoury of swords forged from a range of materials: some tufted, some knitted, some painted and some you only hold in your head. At times the exhibition becomes setting for sword making workshops and medieval karaoke.Sited in a former Sainsbury’s supermarket this exhibition is supported by HYPHA STUDIOS and made possible by Get Living.
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Contact: Lindsey Jean Mclean
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Lindsey, Flora and Isobel are three visual artists who met through an artist-run space, and at the Slade. Their work encompasses painting, sculpture, writing and installation, yet shares a focus on critical and celebratory approaches to world-building through material thinking. They are female-identifying and living locally to Stratford.
They’ve worked individually and collectively across numerous curatorial projects, including the icing room, Gaff, Narrow Gallery and Bad Art. Often there’s been a strong DIY element to their work, always run on a shoestring. More recently they have exhibited in and co-curated Snakes on a Picture Plane at the UK Mexican Arts Society, London. Individual awards include Elizabeth Greenshields (Lindsey), Gilbert Bayes (Flora) and BAG Trust Artworks Open (Isobel).
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Email: [email protected]
Socials: @lindseyjeanmclean @isobelatacus @florabradwellart @the_icing_room @narrow_gallery @gaffspace @badartpresents