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Hypha studios impacting communities across the country

Hypha Studios work across the country to match creatives with empty spaces, regenerate the high street with cultural hubs and provide events for local communities, the importance of a place based approach is paramount to success.

In 2 years (March 2021 – March 2023)

We have supported artists with free space of the value of £1.3m
We have produced 182 events for local communities.
Engaged an estimated 4500 in person participants.
We have worked across 27  locations UK wide.
We have supported 293 individual artists.
We have had 972 applicants for spaces.


Creative Solutions for Empty Council Assets

We work with Councils to find creative solutions to empty assets. Instead of expensive security guards or leaving properties to ruin, we can occupy with undiscovered talent within your borough – that have public events to serve the local communities. We work with you to make sure your neighbourhoods are best served.