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We’re on a Mission to Regenerate High Streets Through Art

Hypha Studios is a charity that matches creatives with empty spaces to regenerate the high street through the formation of cultural hubs with programming to engage local communities.

By providing free studios and project rooms we act as an incubator for artistic talent to conceive of new ideas by removing financial obstacles to creativity, and crucially, we provide opportunities to those that could not previously access this level of support or visibility.

We envision a world where anyone can access culture on their doorstep.  Every placement includes a mentoring session for the selected artist and the creation of a public program that directly engages with local communities, generating new footfall- which in turn will benefit existing local businesses. 

If the future of our increasingly barren high streets must be leisure led, Hypha Studios aims to reimagine the once consumer driven experience to one that instead prioritises public engagement – producing cultural high streets of the future.

Our Goals

Create new cultural spaces and community engagement

Hypha Studios are open to the public, creating new forms of engagement in the centre of our communities. A condition of being placed in a free studio are the public events that the artist creates to engage local communities. The public program consists of live music/ exhibitions/ceramic classes/life drawings or other workshops. This is to encourage learning and interest of the public and for the creative’s practice to reach a much wider audience. During Covid the studios will have recorded open days and performances. These will be launched on IGTV and other channels.

Supporting artists and creatives

The type of creatives we support are (including but not limited to) visual artists, curators, musicians, actors, dancers & choreographers. We offer free temporary project space or more permanent studio space to remove the financial obstacles from making work. We also match all placements with a mentor or career development session to widen creative networks and accelerate professional growth and learning.

*We provide the space for free but there is a holding deposit for each site allocated. Currently you will have to cover any materials you might need, but we will support you with marketing your work.

Regenerate high streets

We are reimagining our high streets and engaging local communities by working with councils, architects, developers, shopping centres managers, warehouse owners and commercial landlords all over the country.

Our public program that is led by the creatives we place will generate new footfall and support existing businesses. Just a few of the sites we have confirmed at are in Northampton, Worcester, Leeds, Sheffield, Central and Greater London.

Partnering with cultural institutions

We will put each opportunity out to tender via social media channels so stayed tuned. Our Trustees will decide which projects get matched with each space. For every placement we invite a local cultural institution (where possible) to be part of the selection committee to ensure the selected candidate is most beneficial and interesting to the local community. If you are an arts organisation that would like to partner with us, from Universities / Museums / Collectives we want to hear from you.

Help Our Cause

As a registered charity (no.1194915), Hypha Studios relies on public grants, voluntary support and private donations to fund its operations. Any donation large or small will be so appreciated and will help us on our mission to bring culture to our high streets

Get Involved

Become a Hypha Studios Patron

By offering Hypha Studios space you will be supporting your local community, neighbours and high streets. We find that many landlords want to work with us because we are keeping their space alive – bringing activity to the street instead of sites being boarded up. Not to mention it leaving a property vacant is costly, not just for society but also in terms of security and property taxes.

Flexible Solutions to Vacant Properties for Landlords

Get in touch with us day or night to discuss your specific requirements. For short term solutions we will curate a specialist art project that works with your space, from the network we have and the applications we receive. For long term solutions we will match you to an artist or creative that will use the space as a more permanent studio. Contact us to find out how we can work together.

Creative Solutions for Empty Council Assets

We work with Councils to find creative solutions to empty assets. Instead of expensive security guards or leaving properties to ruin, we can occupy with undiscovered talent within your borough – that have public events to serve the local communities. We work with you to make sure your neighbourhoods are best served.

As an Artist or Creative – Apply for Space

To be able to apply, you must be a professional creative, that has graduated from university in a related field. As we do not want to exclude those that have not been to university, we ask to see your portfolio or examples from your professional creative career. Participants can apply as an individual or a group.

Community engagement and learning with the studios is the at the top of our agenda. When making an application for a temporary project space the public program will be crucial to the success of your application. This can be a talk, private view, performance, curator tour – even a life drawing class.

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