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Alexi Marhsall – Hypha Studios x HAF

SU13A, Priory Meadow, Hastings TN34 1PH

Alexi is an artist, educator and workshop facilitator currently based in Hastings. She graduated from the Slade School of Art in 2018. Her practice spans print, mosaic and embroidery often investigating themes of womanhood, myth and rebirth. Alexi founded and run a community workshop project called Peculiar Arcana. Alexi’s work is often driven by storytelling and otherworldly narrative, processing personal experiences in the shapeshifting arenas of mythology, folklore and history.
She handprints large linocut blocks, with many layers of ink on one piece, creating what Alexi has coined ‘lino-paintings’. She also makes glass mosaics and hand embroidered textile pieces. Alexi has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions; including ‘Cursebreakers’ at the De La Warr Pavillion and ‘Taming The Unruly Gods’ which is on now at Sara Zanin Gallery in Rome. She was selected in the 2018 New Contemporaries and has just completed the Artist Programme at Flatland Projects.

How Alexi will use her free studio
Alexi would use the space provided as a studio space, making prints and some mosaics in the space. Alexi also runs a community-based workshop project called Peculiar Arcana. In Peculiar Arcana each participant designs their own tarot card onto a piece of A6 lino, she demonstrates how to use the linocutting tools so that they can cut and create a plate read for printing, the lino is then printed onto specially made tarot card templates multiple times. At the end of the workshop each participant can take home a full deck of cards, each deck including one from each participant.

Contact Information
Email: [email protected]
Socials: @aleximjmarshall

In the studio