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We are extremely grateful to the Rothschild Foundation for their renewed support of Hypha Studios and the work we do. We have just been informed that they will help us on our mission to continue matching creatives with empty spaces, while regenerating high streets with cultural hubs & events for local communities, throughout the UK.

We thank the Rothschild Foundation for their support so that we can bring culture to more communities and provide support to more creatives who otherwise may struggle to emerge in a difficult environment through provision of opportunities, space, support and public visibility.


Without the support of Trusts and Foundations such as the Foyle Foundation we would not be able to carry out our work. We believe that artists should be able to use space for free and that cultural work is valuable: for the public, society and education; to sustain commercial regrowth and civic centres; and to innovate and nurture new expressions of creativity and communication.



As a registered charity (no.1194915), Hypha Studios relies on public grants, voluntary support and private donations to fund its operations. We are a tiny team, and whilst we deliver major social impact for communities and the cultural sector across the country, we believe that this can only happen by ensuring that the spaces we work with are totally for free. 

In 3 years, we have:
Supported artists with free space of the value of £1.7m.
Produced 482 events for local communities.
Welcomed 102500 people to creative projects.
Worked across 32 locations UK wide.
Supported 593 individual artists.
Received 3072 applicants for spaces.

By supporting Hypha Studios, you are helping us to bring creativity to our high streets and simultaneously support artists in their careers. Our free events educate, entertain and bring communities together that often do not have access to culture on their doorstep. You will also be helping to discover exciting talent, supporting the culture sector at a time of funding cuts, giving artists a platform and the resources they need to thrive.

We have a number of ways to support us and become part of the key work we do, please see here for more information. Or alternatively contact our CEO [email protected]

We’ve also partnered with Gocardless to enable you to make a fast and secure donation to us. Simply click on the button below for the corresponding one time donation that you would like to make.

Thank you for your support.


The areas of our work of most interest to Trust and Foundation supporters include:

Outreach to young and diverse audiences:
We are committed to ensuring that everyone, young or old, whatever their circumstances, has the opportunity to access our unique activations and the engagement, and workshops we have to offer. We aim to reach more than 100,000 young people online and a year, and thousands in person per location, to inspire, challenge and engage them as audience members, workshop participants and learn new skills. Alongside this, we provide creative opportunities for young people that increase confidence, communication skills and team-work ability.

Emerging artists:
We believe in putting artists at the heart of our organisation, giving opportunities to those that cannot afford making or exhibition space. We enable artists to learn how to create their own exhibitions and public programme, encouraging them to generate an income and providing assistance with every step of their development – allowing them to become an integral part of the whole organisation.

To find out more about how to get involved and support us please contact Camilla Cole [email protected]


At Hypha Studios we tailor our Corporate Partnerships to suit the needs of each individual company. A package of exclusive benefits can be produced to fit with your objectives, including:
Unforgettable, year-round client engagement opportunities
Sneak previews to studios and popular exhibitions
Wide-reaching collaborative marketing initiatives
Unique and eye-catching opportunities for brand story-telling
Community outreach programmes which align with your business’ ESG commitments
Behind-the-scenes access to some of the world’s most exciting creative minds

Contact us to hear more about upcoming projects in different parts of the UK and what exciting partnership opportunities we can offer.

To find out more about how to get involved and support us please contact Camilla Cole [email protected]