An exhibition about  Displacement, Gender & Health

Discover seven original artworks created by migrant and refugee artists that explore the diverse ways we are bordered by
nations, by bodies, by cultures, by identity constructs, and by systems and structures.

An independently produced and curated exhibition, based on work created for Borderings Borderings: Displacement,
Gender and Health, part of the public engagement arm of the SELMA project, a cross-institutional, cross-cultural, interdisciplinary collaborative migration health project between University College London, UK, Aga Khan University, Pakistan and the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Bern, Switzerland.

Friday 1st April | Private view only: 6-9pm (Tickets here)
Saturday, 2nd April | 11am – 6pm
Sunday, 3rd April | 11 am – 6pm
Monday, 4th April | 11 am – 6pm
Tuesday, 5th April | 11 am – 6pm
Wednesday, 6th April | 11 am – 6pm
Thursday, 7th April | 11 am – 6pm
Friday, 8th April | 11 am – 10 pm (No Direction Home: Comedy Gig (Tickets here)

About Borderings

Continuously created and recreated, policed and enforced, borders demarcate boundaries of belonging. But borders are not only lines on the map, they are also drawn between people in the form of identity constructs; refugee-migrant-citizen, male- female-non-binary, healthy-ill. These borderings are never neutral nor contained but are rather diffracted through each other and laden with associations and meanings.

Borderings: Displacement, Gender and Health is a virtual and physical exhibition produced by the UCL Centre for Gender and Global Health as part of a public engagement program on migration and health. For this independently produced and curated exhibition we are proud to present seven original artworks created by migrant and refugee artists that explore the diverse ways we are bordered by nations, by bodies, by cultures, by identity constructs, and by systems and structures in ways that are at times smooth and protective and other violent and exclusionary.

From reductive medical encounters to transformative social relationships, restrictive gender norms to empowering moments
of defiance, each work in the collection interrogates borderings as a practice, as a process and as a limit enforced both
externally and internally. Taken together, their works are a testament to the complex, nuanced and oftentimes messy nexus of displacement, gender and health.

Public Engagement events

Through the use of our creative practices, we hope to provide performances by our collective for Catford locals to enjoy.

Borderings Private View: 1st April 6-9pm
No Direction Home (Comedy gig): 8th April 7-10pm


Borderings was produced with the support of The Welcome Trust, Counterpoint Arts and Imagist London.
Lead researcher and point of contact
Imogen Bakelmun
Gender, racialisation and migration researcher
UCL Centre for Gender and Global Health point of contact
Prof Sarah Hawkes, Professor of Global Health, [email protected]
Supported by using public funding from Arts Council England #acesupported @acegrams
Also part funded buy the European Regional Development Fund and Lewisham Council


Edin Suljic
Anan Tello

Selam Mengistu
Ghafar Tajmohammad

Yasmeen Audisho Ghrawi
Langa Langa

Charly Monreal

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Margot Heller, Director of South London Gallery

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