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Ceri Allen

Ceri Allen is a practising artist and tutor based in Carlisle, born in Cumbria and studied Fine Art Painting at City & Guilds School of Art, London. She works figuratively and primarily work in oils on canvas. Currently her main interest is in representing people in an urban environment which is why she is excited to have this opportunity in Penrith – as a painter of urban life working in a different Cumbrian town would add to the body of her work on this theme and the opportunity to interact with the local community through ‘open days’ – exhibiting and discussing her work.

Public Programme

Ceri will hold at least two events; a drawing workshop, which will include demonstrations with free materials available to use during the event, and an exhibition opening towards the end of the residency – including preparatory sketches/studies made in the town and some finished work on display.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

In The Studio