Christine Lowthian


Christine has just completed her M.A. in Contemporary Fine Art, and is in the process of applying to do a Ph.D. Her practice centres around contemporary debates about the human condition in the 21st century and the way that we might orient ourselves in the future.

 During her time in the Penrith unit, Christine will create a solo exhibition of the work ‘Being With Prometheus: Twin Flame or Bad Romance’ accompanied by supportive visual outcomes (painting, small scale collaged pieces, photographic developments) derived from the large collage work. In addition the exhibition would present the website that extends the ‘Prometheus project’ into the digital world. ‘’. 

Public Programme

Christine will produce an opening and artist’s talk introducing the work ‘Being With Prometheus: Twin Flame or Bad Romance? The artist talk will include a brief overview of the Prometheus Myth across time and its position in a contemporary cultural context, as well as the inspiration for the work and the story of it being made.

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