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Claudia Collins

Claudia Collins is a socially engaged, neurodiverse artist that lives and works in Knowle West, graduating in Fine Art in 2019. Her practice looks at connection, place and words, which is playful and punny, often including postcards. Her current mission is to visit all the places called Knowle in the UK. Claudia will share the former Newsagent with Paul Hawkins and she will use it to take the next steps with her social enterprise Brislexic – creating a collective of neuro diverse artists and using funds made from sales to run workshops promoting self esteem and confidence in other neuro diverse individuals and families.

Public Programme

Claudia will use the space to make, promote and sell Brislexic products and she will also use it to network further with local artists and people that are not considered neuro typical. The unit will become a safe space for conversations about neuro divergent thinking skills, running engaging activities that celebrate different ways of being. Claudia will also use the space to experiment and run workshops responding to what is happening in the local community of Broadwalk and the wider community.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]