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“But What Will Come of it” curated by Concrete Collective

11 Segedunum Way, Forum Shopping Centre Wallsend
OPEN: June 15-july 21
Preview: Saturday June 15 1-3pm

The exhibition But What Will Come of it? brings together works by Jade Sweeting and Jane Millican, two Northeast-based artists who are interested in the material of images. Working in photography and painting, both artists have consciously slowed down the act of making. Monochrome images invite viewers to, similarly, take their time.

A snapshot photograph, captured in less than a blink of an eye, shows the briefest moment fixed as an image, forever. A painted brushmark, generated by the swiftest gesture of a hand, shows materials within the moment they collided, forever. Painting and photography both deal with moments. By slowing, layering, diverting, and complicating the material processes within each discipline the artists are deliberately taking a long way round to reconsider the act of making and looking at pictures.

Jade Sweeting explores found imagery and objects that are central to her identity. Motorcycle culture, specifically the ‘Chopper Scene’ is the focus of Sweeting’s ongoing research into motorcycle culture, specifically within the “chopper” scene. Along with found and recycled imagery, are refined and re-presented by Sweeting through traditional analog printmaking techniques to create images that act as visual studies. This series of acetone transfers flirts with the idea of drawing and duration through collaged images, alternate narratives hinted through fragments of form.
Jane Millican is interested in the visual noise and drama of expressionist painting, and in the tradition of connoisseurship which attempts to identify an individual artist within the material details at the surface of a work. The drawings slowly explore a painted surface, directing time and energy toward the essentially mute act of looking.

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