Concrete Collective


11 Segedunum Way, The Forum Shopping Centre, Wallsend, NE28 8JP

Open: Friday and Saturday, 10am – 4pm, and by appointment

Concrete Collective is Katie Houser and Cody Sowerby, who share an interest in sculpture, found objects and materiality. The collective began while they were studying on the MFA course at Newcastle University as a co-curatorial practice which runs alongside their independent practices. Since graduating they have continued to pursue ideas but currently have been unable to access space and studio facilities. They are interested in forging conversations between artists, and want to use the shop space as a gallery which can facilitate this through a programme of group and solo shows. The aim of Concrete Collective is to create a space that allows for experimental and challenging work in a public facing setting.
Concrete Collective created an exhibition programme called Rough Draft, a monthly pop up show encouraging participants to show WIP. These events encouraged a communal approach, facilitated conversation and developed professional networks for students. Their legacy has been integrated into the MFA programme as an ongoing module. They have also worked together to produce publications, national and international exhibitions. Individually, they have a shared interest in sculpture, found objects and materiality. Katie has been the recipient of the Hatton Prize 2023, residencies and an internship. Cody has received awards for their practice and exhibited nationally and internationally.

Public Program

They are planning a six-month programme of exhibitions, artist talks and workshops, communal studio space in back. Initially this would utilise local and national artists, with a view to expand in the long term to international artists. They have confirmed interest in these shows, and programming and administrative support from Gayle Meikle/ Newcastle University Fine Art department. They want this to be accessible for the local community, through the following:
Gallery space open through the day (Tuesday- Saturday)- free and open access
Exhibition opening/ each show (free)
Artist or curator talk for each event (free)
Film screenings- linked to work – ticket sales
Workshops- invited local groups, with a long term plan to build connections with schools

contact information

Email: [email protected]
Socials: @codysowerby @houserart @roughdraft @concretecollectivepresents

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