Creating New Cultural Spaces & Community Engagement

Hypha Studios are open to the public, creating new forms of engagement in the centre of our communities. A condition of being placed in a free studio are the public events that the artist creates to engage local communities. The public program consists of live music/ exhibitions/ceramic classes/life drawings or other workshops. This is to encourage learning and interest of the public and for the creative’s practice to reach a much wider audience.

We are reimagining our high streets and engaging local communities by working with councils, architects, developers, shopping centres managers, warehouse owners and commercial landlords all over the country. 

Our public program that is led by the creatives we place will generate new footfall and support existing businesses.

Cultural High Streets

Cultural High Streets is a collaboration with RCKa architects and is a creative tool kit to repurpose and reimagine empty department stores, shopping centres, warehouses and office blocks to create large scale versions of the free spaces we match creatives with currently. We believe the model we are working with to be scalable and therefore can support cultural organisations, individuals and local communities while providing aid to existing businesses and landlords.

We would still have free artist studios and workshops for community engagement, but here the idea is to host, for free, music venues, galleries, theatre groups etc to support them at this time of need so that they can then generate their own income without the financial pressure of rent. This would not only support the creative industries by incubating them at this difficult time but also use their ability to create audiences to generate footfall back to our city centres.

We have been using an example of an Oxford Street building to date, however, the model could work equally well with smaller dispersed spaces as well as a single larger building. As you can see, the concept is transferable and would still be beneficial to private landlords and maybe more excitingly, it could temporarily use local assets.

If you are a landlord and want to work with us on one of your properties to support culture in our high streets – get in touch today!