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Curated by Agnese Politi

6 Sugar House Lane, London, E15 2QS

PV: Thursday, 31st October, 6 – 9pm
Open: 1st November- 7th December 2024

They are a collaborative group comprising curator Agnese Politi and artists Annie Riga and Eugenia Vereli. Together, they are committed to exploring feminist narratives within contemporary art, focusing on collaborative forms of practice, craft as situated knowledge, and social and ecological agency.
The group aims to propose exhibitions and public programmes that fuse traditional and contemporary arts to explore feminist narratives and ecological consciousness. Through engagement with diverse cultural materials and symbols, they aim to propose dialogues between practices rooted in historical and contemporary Mediterranean narratives and global and plural feminist theories. This synergy allows them to challenge conventional artistic narratives.

They would like to propose a public programme titled “Crafted Narratives” in a space that embodies their vision of intertwining craft and feminist theory. The space will feature installations by Annie Riga and Eugenia Vereli, featuring ceramics, paintings, and textiles. They seek a versatile venue for large-scale installations and intimate areas for detailed works. The space will enable a flowing, open layout to encourage exploration and reflection on how these practices challenge and expand traditional narratives. Hypha Studios’ space will foster ‘a radical strategy for re-envisioning their interactions with the world,’ amplifying the transformative potential of craft.

Public Programme

The group plan to host “Crafted Narratives,” an exhibition complemented by a series of reading groups and workshops. The exhibition, the reading groups and the workshops will delve into topics of craft, feminist theory, and ecological consciousness, fostering community dialogue and deeper understanding. These events are designed to engage their community, encouraging participants to explore artistic creation as a medium for personal and social transformation.

Contact Information
Email: [email protected]
Socials: @annieriga_ @eugenia_vereli