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“That Which Grows in the Swamp is Swallowed by the Stomach” – curated by Andie Aylsworth

PRIVATE VIEW Thursday 16th May 6-9pm 2024
Unit 3. Euston Tower. 286 Euston Road London NW1 3DP
Open 17th May – 22nd June 2023
Thursday – Sunday 12 – 6pm
Kindly supported by British Land

‘That Which Grows in the Swamp is Swallowed by the Stomach’ is a two-part exhibition that delves into the complex intersections of posthumanism and anthropocentrism. This project offers a profound exploration of the dynamic interplay between organic and inorganic, and human and nonhuman. In part I, “LAND,” artists deconstruct the nature vs. culture narrative through traditional-ecological-knowledge, reshaping our understanding of our shared environment. In part II, “HAND,” the focus shifts to the human body’s otherness, embracing notions of the abject, and ambiguity. In proxemics to their recent graduate show, the artists reunite to showcase the evolution in their practices’ a year later. This iteration of the exhibition aims to challenge preconceived notions and inspire a deeper understanding of our place within it.

This group has seamlessly melded their diverse perspectives to forge a collective practice that transcends boundaries and conventions. Rooted in the realms of posthumanism, ecology, and sustainability, their work is a poignant reflection of our ever-evolving relationship with the natural world. Simultaneously, they draw from the rich tapestry of mythologies and the abject, weaving these intricate narratives into their creations. Their innovative approach to art has garnered well-deserved recognition from esteemed awarding bodies such as LVMH, Maison/0, CassArt, the Other Art Fair, and the Barry Moore Foundation. Together, they inspire thought-provoking dialogues on the intersections of humanity, nature, and tradition.

The public program for this exhibition includes an In Conversation panel discussion with curators, artists, and representatives from ICF, delving into the intersection of art, sustainability, and global ecological concerns. Along with curator-led tours offering visitors deeper insights into the showcased ecological-based art and illuminating the significance of artworks crafted from notions of care for our surrounding environment. These thought-provoking dialogues foster a broader understanding of the exhibition’s themes, encouraging critical thinking about our environmental impact and the role of art in addressing these issues.

Exhibiting Artists: Andie Aylsworth, Dien Berziga, Kai Yan Cheung, Eleanor Cox, Kate Fisher, Sohyun Han, Ola Kowalewska, Keyannah Isaacs, Mica Li, Holly Lou Jones, Ruby May Lewis and Tash Tudor

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Email: [email protected]