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Curated by Anna-Maria Amato

6 Sugar House Lane, London, E15 2QS

PV: Thursday, 6th March, 6 – 9pm
Open: 7th March – 12th April 2025

Founded in 2010, AltMFA is the peer-led alternative MFA (Master of Fine Art) by artists for artists. It is self-organised and free, and run by its members for its members. The AltMFA events, meetings and residencies take place across a wide range of private and public venues.

The group exhibition and public programme, will present artworks that explore the emotional and psychological dimensions of clutter and investigate the impact it has on their lives and society at large. Varied perspectives highlighting the complexity and significance of clutter in our daily lives will be presented: our emotional attachment to objects, our cycles of accumulation and de-clutter, our environments and landscapes of waste, our (over)sensory experiences, how we archive a life’s memorabilia and possessions, our habits of hoarding and collecting.

Public Programme

Each participating artist has proposed an event aside from the exhibition opening, to engage the public. These include: a collage making workshop using found materials, a workshop imagining an ideal living space and objects to let go of- what they mean and writing a visual story about where they could go, creating sculptures by re-using discarded sculptures and a workshop exploring collections or ‘clutter’ of stories which form our identity with which participants will create a sound collage.

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Email: [email protected]
Socials: @alt_mfa