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TBF Curated by Emily Bottomer

50 Celebration Avenue, Stratford E20 1DB

PRIVATE VIEW: Thursday 18th April 2024, 6 – 9pm
EXHIBITION OPEN: 19th April – 19th May 2024
Tuesday – Sunday, 12 – 6pm
Kindly supported by Get Living

TBF…to be famous, to be fulfilled, to be foolish, to be forbidden, to be free… To be at an early stage in a creative career where anything is possible.

TBF_ is an exhibition showcasing works from 30 emerging artist currently studying towards their MA at Central Saint Martins. TBF is a testing ground for new and upcoming artists to reach new audiences and to try new ideas at an early stage in their careers where they are met with endless possibilities, exploring what is important to them within their practice. Artists will present work which they have been developing over the past 6 months, culminating in a rich and diverse exhibition encompassing a variety of themes and mediums, including painting, sculpture, installation, performance, moving image and sound.

There is a sense of freedom with being an emerging artist, we’re free to push boundaries, test new ideas and break expectations. Join us for a dynamic exhibition of exciting new works.

Public Programme

The group plans to hold multiple events throughout the duration of the exhibition and aim to engage with the local community. Alongside an opening and closing event, they would like to offer the community workshops about art practice, a performance evening, and guided exhibition tours. They are particularly interested in interacting with those who may not typically engage with arts and culture.

Contact Information
Email: [email protected]
Socials: @csmmafa.25 @csm_news @mafineartcsm

Artworks in show

Yuqing Hou

2024, You will meet again, wood, soft tube, water, oil, fabric, dyed pigment, 100cm x 180cm x100cm

Shuwen Tan

2024, In Fact Its a Tree of Mum, performance still

Leon Brown

untitled, 2024, alcohol based marker, acrylic, ink on canvas, 3ftx78cm

Javier Arean

Systems of Pressure, 2024, oil acrylic, string and balloon on canvas, 220 x 160 cm

Demi Stiles

the offering, 2024, acrylic on canvas, 190x170cm

Yunyi Ye

untitled, 2024, thermal paper, dimensions variable

Shuting Xu

Untitled, 2024, Mineral pigment, wax, plastic, 30 x 40 cm

Lanyun Huang

Entertainer, 2024, video still

Jasmine Osegbu

Inflorescence, 2023 Acrylic on canvas 150x200cm

David Yunze Xie

Temptation, 2024, wood and acrylic, 190 x 80 x 65cm

Yunting Xia

Hide, 2023, comprehensive materials, 30cm round

Sarah Taylor

Bits of Me, 2024, Nettles and linen with wrapped tools in linen encased in my children’s cot sheets

Kyujin Park

My Tongue is Green, 2024, Festuca glauca, faux fur fabric, FPF, bottled water, tomato, Dimensions Variable

Jamie Pazmino

I count only the sunny hours, 2024. Sun rays on light-absorbing elements. Inkjet and UV prints. Variable dimensions. ( A0, A1, A3)

Bhawana Jain

Past Forgotten, 2024, Charcoal on Canvas, 152*195 cm

Yiwei Lu

Baby, Woman, Father and Living Dead, 2024, Mixed Materials, 120x100cm

Orly Smetana

Untitled, 2024 Screen prints and lithography crayons, 60×42

Kat Newman

red signal, 2024, mdf, digital video, colour and sound, 1min 23secs

Felix Gumbsch

Untitled, 2024; Digital print, stickers, metal, 90x250cm

Anjum Naveed Adukkath

Eternal Collaboration, 2024, Chicken mesh, plaster, clay, Resin and stainless steel balls on wooden board, 255 x 60 x 90cm

Tom Green

Untitled, 2024, found objects and materials, dimensions variable

Niamh Shepherd

The Collector 150 cm x 130 cm Acrylic on canvas

Karampreet Sehmbi

‘Ground Floating’, 2024, Oil on plywood, 122x120cm

Eva Sykes

mother and child, 2024, acrylic on canvas, 80 x 60cm‘Untitled’ 2024 paper mache mask, 44x30cm, ‘Medieval Baby Dolls’ 2024, air dry clay and acrylic, 47x13cm, 34x40cm, 38x14cm, 45x15cm, 30x24cm

Amanda Potts

Layers and Hiding Spaces, 2024, Paint and wood, 160x200cm [price on request]

Stephanie Harlow

Francis, 2023 22cm x 25cm

Marbel Yanmeng Chen

Mediator, 2024, wood, acrylic, sand, embossing, 100x70cm JPG

Julia Chawinska

Promises, Tart of delusions, 2024, MDF board, acrylic paint, plasticine, oil pastels, ribbon, fabric, dimensions variable jpg

Emily Bottomer

Untitled, 2024, Acrylic, graphite and oil on canvas, 126 x 223cm

Amanda Moraes

How much weight can I take? Sand, bags, pillow fillers, scaffolding parts and rope. 100x150cm

Private view images 18th April 2024