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Curated by Jane Lee

6 Sugar House Lane, London, E15 2QS

PV: Thursday, 8th August, 6 – 9pm
Open: Friday 9th August – 14th September

The LADRA believes that there is no singular way to address decoloniality. Upholding respect, openness, and cohesion, they carefully selected 24 artists and 12 curators, each establishing a cohort that reflects their varying visions about the topic, ranging from discourses on diaspora communities, generational trauma, and entailed social/cultural phenomena.
The project is shaped through dynamic interplay inspired by the Latin roots of the word “companion.” They enact a shared life, conversation, and struggle focused on the exploration of decolonial perspectives. This endeavor emphasizes a horizontal and collaborative working style, with artists playing a crucial role in shaping the discourse. Academic rigor and profound reparative awareness are imperative, reflecting a clear stance on coloniality’s multifaceted forms. Thus, they recruited practitioners who have participated in international biennales and exhibitions at renowned institutions through this opportunity.

They would like to feature 24 artworks paired with the curatorial analysis done by 12 curators, forming a total of 12 groups of cohorts. Each group would be delegated a space in the exhibition area, which will be coordinated not only aesthetically but also philosophically to continue the narrative seamlessly, as well as practically to facilitate the installation and display of the artwork at its optimal condition.

Public Programme

As part of the public programming, the group plans to host a curator tour and artist talk on the first and the last day of the exhibition to expand their conversations on decoloniality with their audience as well. They encourage those passionate about this inquiry to collaborate and contribute to shaping decolonial thought and action, mainly anchored to the following three questions:
1) How are we coping with colonialism?
2) How are we overcoming the generational trauma?
3) What has unfolded as the result of these decolonial endeavors?

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