A Conversation with Water

curated by Lorraine Snape and Eva Brá Barkardóttir

50 Celebration Avenue, Stratford E20 1DB

PRIVATE VIEW: Thursday 18th January 2024 6-9pm
EXHIBITION OPEN: 19th January – 19th February 2024
Thursday – Sunday 12- 6pm
Kindly supported by Get Living

Presented by artist curators Lorraine Snape and Eva Brá Barkardóttir, featuring Maria Konder, Rosie Dahlstrom, Dirk Tsai, Lizzie Cardozo, Simon Job, Shuyi Gao, Stephen Nulty, Anita Agarwal, Michael Poole, Alexandra Errington, Coline Le Quenven, Lorraine Snape and Eva Brá Barkardóttir.

A group of thirteen emerging artists present works relating to water, a most essential but often overlooked substance. Offering work which incorporates sculpture, kineticism, construction and installation; that investigates the boundaries of painting, print, video and performance. From the fragmentation of information to notions of time, place and temporality; exploring feminine identity through nature and surrealism. Exploiting speculative processes, which lead to enigmatic organic compositions; assuredly performative in nature, relating to the here and now.

Exploring the theme in the broadest sense, the subject of water acknowledges how important and fragile the environment is. As these artists accept water’s impact on the everyday, and on their practice, they are asked to reconsider its importance on the minutia and vastness of life, lazily dripping from a kitchen tap while carving all life on earth.
Supported by HYPHA Studios and made possible by Get Living, A Conversation with Water is sited in a former Sainsbury’s supermarket. A programme of workshops, performances and talks will run throughout the exhibition.

We offer free temporary project space or more permanent studio space to remove the financial obstacles from displaying and making work.

About The Curators

Lorraine Snape and Eva Brá Barkardóttir met at Chelsea (UAL) studying MA Fine Art. Notable projects include Altered Planes at Metre2 (2023), Vegsummerki/ Traces in Anddyri Reykjavík, Iceland (2023), Annotations are Sometimes Presented in the Margins at Elephant Arcade (2022) and Constructing Landscapes: Building Worlds for Late at Tate Britain online (2020). Exhibition highlights include Deptford X Fringe (2023), Safehouse 1&2 (2023&2019), Gallery 32’s Winter Sculpture Park (2022), Yanjiao Art Biennale Beijing (2021) and Chelsea Arts Club (2020).

contact information

Email: [email protected]
Socials: @snappysnape @eva.barkardottir @stephennultyy @simonjob @alex.c.errington @lizzie_cardozo @anitagarwal14117 @michaelpoole @ma_konder @comfort_me_with_apples @coline_le_quenven @kecai.d @tender_228

Private View

Featured Artworks

Alexandra Errington

Ammobius, 2024, Industrial waste, discarded upholstery foams, carpet underlay, polyurethane, 100 x 56 x 4

Alexandra Errington

Cuticulin II, 2024, reconfigured installation mattress, polyurethane, dismantled blind, carpet tiles, bamboo

Anita Agarwal

River (she-he-her-him-it), 2021, film, 9 min

Coline Le Quenven

title tbc 2, recycled plastic, 2024

Dirk Tsai, Petrichor

2023, acrylic, spray paint on canvas, 196cm x 160cm

Elizabeth Cardozo-Richards

Family, 2022, Cyanotype on double bed sheet, 230cm x 260cm

Eva Bra Barkardottir

Hold This Thread, textile installation, approx 3m x 3m

Lorraine Snape

Starboard Starbound, 2024, irridescent acrylic on steel boat panel, 2x (60cm x 124cm)

Rosie Dahlstrom

Oh Ill Thief, b&w 7 min film, 2019_2022

Stephen Nulty

I’ll Keep Dreaming, mixed media on board, 2023

Coline Le Quenven

title tbc, recycled plastic, 2024

Dirk Tsai, Glitter

2023, acrylic, spray paint on canvas, 100cm x 100cm x 100cm

Maria Konder

Yaras, 2019, mixed textiles, varying sizes

Simon Job

Untitled (River Bed 3), 2024, mixed media on canvas with semi transparent nylon fabric stretched over the top, 120 x 90cm

Michael Poole

my first bike was a red bike, 2023, drone machine with bike parts and 18mm ply, 85cm x 79cm x 54cm

Shuyi Gao

performance and installation, 2024

F.A.F Collective

C) Mosaic tiles, undulating cast concrete, 34×76.8x12cm

Rosie Dahlstrom

Sea Creatures VI, watercolour on paper, 29cm x 20cm, 2020

Stephen Nulty

Untitled, 2023