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Curated by Nathan Bayliss

107 High Street, Sugar House Island, Stratford, E15 2RB

PV: Thursday, 31st October, 6 – 9pm
Open: 1st November- 7th December 2024

Unnamed collective comprises a group of Goldsmith’s Computational Arts alumni in the early stages of their artistic careers. The collective originated as a crit group,
formed before the final exhibition in 2020. Since then the group provides a space for the artists to experiment, challenge and develop new ideas.
The collective members have a diverse range of backgrounds and expertise. Hannah is a VR/AR developer working on mental health applications, and also performs at live events with a custom modular synth. Owen creates large-scale live installations involving drones, multi-speaker arrays and works at Goldsmiths as a technician and mentor. Nathan is a director and animator of immersive films for commercial and charity clients, and works with AI extensively in his art practice. Julian is a data-visualisation engineer working with large organisations to visualise realtime data trends. Romain is a shader developer who choreographs audio-visual dance performances.

The focal point of the install is a three or four sided projection immersive zone within which they will revisit prior multi-screen works. The screens will be modular and they may remove them to open or reconfigure the space for specific events. Alongside this features “For Whom The Bell Tolls” which receives audio from participants and refracts it through the piece. They are planning performances of this work with local musicians / artists. They are placing smaller screens or sculptural artefacts closer to the street level windows to make the most use of the space and to engage passers by.

Public Programme

The group plan to have regular artist talks, exhibition tours and performances weekly through the residency. One of their collective members is a Space Studios member and they plan on publicising the residency and events through the space studios Newsletter and reaching out to groups through this network. Alongside the weekly performances they plan on hosting workshops on topics including AI, live-coding and creative collaboration with performers.

Contact Information
Email: [email protected]
Socials: @hanaphora_ @_nate_bliss_ aubergene