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Curated by Rajesh Bhovan

6 Sugar House Lane, London, E15 2QS

PV: Thursday, 8th August, 6 – 9pm
Open: Friday, 9th August – 14th September

DominAsian are a group of 14 volunteers including writers, artists and curators whose mission is to provide a platform to South Asian creatives globally through our bi-annual
magazine. The exhibiting artists include Rajesh Bhovan, Nitesh Tailor, Zehra Marikar, Simran Kaur, Krishnan Ash, Sapna Patel, Umar Ahmed, Rachana Johal, Rushil Pandey.
The group covers a range of practices including photography, textiles, painting, installation, film, and performance. Artists have previously exhibited in group shows. Notable achievements within include Simran’s inclusion in the 2023 Dazed 100, Nitesh’s 2022 POCC Autumn residency. DominAsian make short and long form video content including films and documentaries. They’ve also hosted two shows for volumes one and two of our magazine. Additionally, they’ve gained recognition from the London College of Communication, with their co-founder being invited to deliver a talk on how to run an independent publication.

Thursdays to Sundays, they intend to exhibit works from nine artists who are featuring in the upcoming volume of their magazine, Myriad of Mirrors. The exhibition will be interactive, with visitors being encouraged to touch and feel some of the pieces.
Mondays to Wednesdays, they will use the space to develop and rehearse a few short performance pieces which respond to the theme of the magazine: introspecting on and embracing the journey of self-discovery. They also plan to film a series of interviews with senior Forest Green and East Ham based artisans which will form part of a short documentary.

Public Programme

The group intend to screen their short documentary about senior South Asian artisans from Newham, accompanied by a panel talk. Here, the artisans can talk about their relationship with the borough and how their practice shapes their lives. To engage under 18s from Newham in these stories, they will run a series of zine making and archiving workshops. Participants will create pieces responding to a local history that interests them – this may include their personal family story. Lastly, they would like to run a South Asian Maker’s Market where vendors from Newham and wider east London can sell their works.

Contact Information
Email: [email protected]
Socials: @dominasianmagazine