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Curated by Talking Sculpture Making

6 Sugar House Lane, London, E15 2QS

PV: Thursday, 12th December, 6 – 9pm
Open: 13th December – 18th January 2024

Talking Sculpture Making (TSM) is an exhibiting/discussion forum organised by abstract sculptors Gillian Brent, Alexandra Harley and Sheila Vollmer. They have invited 3 sculptors and 3 painters, women and trans, from their networks (see CVs, portfolio), across generations and locations to show with them, opening up dialogues about abstract practices.
The TSM artists work innovatively with material, form, mass, space, scale and colour, using a variety of media and processes. Each artist’s work is distinct in the use of abstract construction, yet there is a definite sense of a common visual language and collective experience, emerging from a female perspective. They have each been working and exhibiting nationally and internationally, since 1980s. TSM was formed in 2019 to create dialogues, generate support and build networks. Their exhibitions and public discussions in London, Sheffield and York have showcased abstract sculpture by themselves and invited artists, considering its importance and relevance today.

Abstract Vernacular

Many contemporary artists make works that are abstract, yet don’t define them as such. TSM want to reclaim the word and open up conversations about how abstract sculpture and painting speaks to many through its visual languages which, through use of material and space, refer indirectly to the complex world we live in. The six-week exhibition will showcase 3 works each by 6 sculptors and 3 painters, women and trans, from London, the North and Ireland. They will curate a show where visual concepts of form, spatial relationships, presentation and visual independence will become apparent across the works.

Public Programme

They will host a free public discussion, open to all, offering an exchange of ideas around the language of abstract art and the evolving nature of art practices. They will invite an artist/curator to chair the discussion, to be recorded for their website. The group will organise an informal exhibition tour with the artists, also open to all, discussing the works in detail. As experienced engagement practitioners, they would also like to offer some hands-on making workshops for local families, special needs groups and/or other interested groups, in consultation with Hypha to ensure a coherent programme across the year of exhibitions.

Contact Information
Email: [email protected]
Socials: @talkingsculpturemaking