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Dissection by _threadsafe

50 Celebration Avenue, Stratford E20 1DB

PRIVATE VIEW: Thursday 18th January 2024
EXHIBITION OPEN: 19th January – 19 February 2024
Thursday – Sunday 12-6pm
Kindly supported by Get Living

Featuring Ewan Peng, Ieva Vaiti, Maria Gracia Cebrecos, Robin Leverton, Sofia taipa, Stathis Doganis, with – lasers and Yimiao Pan.

Dissection is bodily. Dissection is analysis. Dissection is close inspection. Dissection is clinical. Dissection is biological. Dissection is gross. Dissection is ripping apart. Dissection is intentional. Dissection is explorative. Dissection is archaeological. Dissection creates divisions. Dissection creates incisions. Dissection creates openings. Dissection creates questions. Dissection needs a keen blade. Dissection needs a body.

Dissection collects bodies for examination, investigates their schisms, makes divisions of its own, and opens biographies for analysis. A group exhibition, Dissection presents eight works that probe fissures in personal, political, or mechanical relationships, or cut into and expose the flesh and behaviours of objects and creatures both digital and corporal. A multimedia body itself, sculptures, prints, installations, film, and performances offer glimpses of human experience on both sides of the scalpelís edge. Dissection is analysis of and by division, and we seek in turn to render ourselves from our digital doppelgangers, from challenging the certainty of our skin, to viewing life in the interstice of a refugee.

_threadsafe is a multicultural collective of computational artists formed whilst studying at Goldsmiths, who continue to be based in London. By using technology within a traditional art context we explore different modes of interaction – we are able to communicate ideas whilst inviting the audience to become a participant in the work.

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Email: [email protected]


Ewan Peng

Histrionic Lateral Vertigo


Sum of Our Parts


Im Permanant

Yimiao Pan


Ieva Vaiti

Some Silver Burns

Robin Leverton

Portrait of the Artist as a Young AI

Sofia Taipa


Stathis Doganis

Look for Yourself or Human Rights Graveyard

installation shots