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Curated by Veronica Revuelta Garrido

Public Programme

PRIVATE VIEW Thursday 27th June 6-9pm 2024
Unit 3. Euston Tower. 286 Euston Road London NW1 3DP
Open 28th June – 3rd August 2024
Thursday – Sunday 12 – 6pm
Kindly supported by British Land

The climate emergency is telling us to stop, rethink, and change the way we see and use things. To be flexible, active, and dynamic. To reconnect, to be grounded. The same when sensorial methodology is applied to art. The project explores the climate emergency and its dimensions and effects challenging the way we see art with a site-specific installation where the audience engages with the art by looking at it, touching it, exploring different smells, and listening to their surroundings.

This is an exhibition by a group of 4 emerging artists (Poojan Gupta, Kate Shorey, Ekta Bagri, and Mahim Jana) besides an independent curator (Veronica Revuelta) who crossed paths during London Gallery Weekend 2023 and with friends in common. Our aim is to bring art to people by creating meaningful and immersive encounters. The group of artists works in relation to the climate and sustainability discourse with a sensorial approach, using recycled and sustainable materials, the same for traditional methods of creation. They have exhibited their work in final graduation shows and/or in a reduced number of small local events/galleries but not in a commercial space with a major and direct public engagement.The curator Veronica counts on one public photo exhibition during Refugee Week 2023, which was installed publicly with the participation of the audience and the community as a way of direct awareness of the refugee experience.

Community events:
-Public Forum: A Public Forum led by artists, activists or lecturers, and someone from the community. They will talk about the climate emergency from a community perspective (art+local community), and the different ways of improvement and prevention of the call.
-Workshop led by Poojan Gupta: People would transform 3D discarded objects into 2D objects through creative approaches, followed by discussions over the ethics of objects when they get squashed on streets or in countless landfills.
-Workshop for the children of the local community about climate emergency while exploring the exhibition. They will create small recycling artwork.

Contact Information
Email: [email protected]
Socials: @Theactivistcurator @created_poojangupta @ceramica_ekta @kate.shorey @copper_labor