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Curated by Vivien Delta-Dimitrakopoulos

6 Sugar House Lane, London, E15 2QS

PV: Thursday, 23rd January, 6 – 9pm
Open: 24th January – 1st March 2025

Changeable beast is a collective of artists who discuss what contemporary sculpture can be today, with innovative shows,events, seminars. The group met on TURPS/ MASS Sculpture program, and Changeable Beast was born with the aim of creating an artist group committed to innovative collaborative practice, work together opportunities to show.
They have collaborated on two large scale exhibitions together in the past 18 months – Hard Times (Oct 2022) with Koppel X Projects and Material Gain (Oct-Nov 2023) at One Paved Court Gallery and are currently planning another- Second Nature with Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens in August 2024 in Penzance. They are running a project entitled Encounter Culture between July and October 2024 with APT Gallery and Addey & Stanhope Secondary School in Deptford, which will culminate in a working residency and gallery show. Their practices span from sculpture and installation to performance and spoken word.

Inspired by Philip K. Dick’s 1974 essay “What Is an SF Writer?”, the exhibition will explore art as an introverted act of activism, a subtle but potent way artists can shape social and political discourse. Dick likens SF writers to political activists, imagining and desiring drastic changes in reality, yet their activism unfolds in deeply imagined spaces, revealing potential outcomes. Embracing this, the project commits to an open-ended creative process, acknowledging uncertainty and the potential for failure, without predetermining the results. This approach aims to challenge and redefine engagement with art and activism.

Pubic Programme

The goal is to enrich the exhibition experience by offering activities that complement its themes. The participants, experienced in conducting workshops, talks, and performances, view this as a chance to engage audiences expansively. The group will craft a thoughtful program tailored to the venue and audience, leveraging their diverse skills and material expertise. Planned activities may include workshops in writing, drawing, or clay, along with performances and spoken word events. Collaborating with Mind and a local school, they aim to develop an educational proposal that facilitates cross-generational engagement.

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Email: [email protected]