Heather Gibson


Heather Gibson is a Bristol based, queer creative on a mission to create social change. Primarily working with embroidery and creatively produced video content, her work shines a light on the overlooked, misunderstood and misrepresented.

Feeling able to actively pursue the art world in 2021, she began a residency with The Island that raised £400 for St Mungo’s, curated her first solo exhibition, collaborated with a youth group to create a touring piece of art and collaborated with the Watershed and Art Centre Nabi to create The Greenverse which provides artistic responses to climate change in a digital environment.

Public Programme

Heather will be beginning a long term/ large scale project with her time at Hypha and she needs your help! Looking to explore all aspects of womanhood, the concept of matriarch and hoping to capture what it is to be a modern woman – she is hoping to collaborate with stories and images internationally to create a piece that grows with time. Alongside the basics of embroidery, Heather will show you how to stitch silhouettes of memories you have and people you know to create your own HAG style piece that can either be taken home or added into the larger scale tapestry. Providing the materials, starting with basic plans and moving on to creation – she wants to convey how easy it is to make art and make this accessible for those who may not feel very creative.

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