West London Society of Art


The Arena Hayes, Uxbridge, UB11 1AA

Launched in 2023, The WLSOA is a nonprofit organisation run by a diverse network, their creatives are all based on West London and surrounding areas, who are looking to create a
series of art events for artists, art enthusiasts and the local community. Their mission is to foster a vibrant and inclusive artistic community that enriches the lives of individuals, while contributing to the cultural fabric of our local area. Through their diverse range of programs, initiatives, and collaborations, they aim to ignite creativity, promote artistic expression, and cultivate a sense of belonging among artists and art enthusiasts, members of the public, local education and local businesses. In essence, West London Society of Art is committed to creating an inclusive and dynamic artistic community that celebrates local talent, promotes artistic growth, engages the wider community, and leaves a lasting impact on the cultural landscape of West London.

All directors have experience in organising and curating art events. Christian Azolan and Konrad Treter organised a high end solo exhibition in Fitzrovia Chapel in 2022 with a turnout of approximately 4000 guests across 2 days. Christian and Komal are accomplished artists with experience of exhibiting in art galleries. They are based in Hillingdon, Christian works for Brunel University as a Lecturer, Komal, teaches art workshops and art therapy to the local community.

Working with Hypha Project Space would give them an opportunity to enable local artists and creatives with diverse backgrounds to take the next step in their professional practice. They want the local community to experiment, display and learn about art and different art practices. Having an art event space would give their artists the ability to show their work and engage with the local community and sell their work. In addition to this they would run art workshops engaging with local youth and elderly giving them opportunity to learn new skills and expand their social connections to improve their wellbeing.

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