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Kialy Tihngang

Kialy Tihngang is a Glasgow-based multidisciplinary artist and visual activist working in textiles, sculpture, moving image, costume and animation. She interrogates personal themes of Blackness and queerness through her practice.

Residency Project Idea

She plans to do R&D for:
‘Fetissoes’ (solo), God’s House Tower, Southampton, October 2023
– seven sculptures: imagined fetishes (religious objects) made of wood & waste materials, referencing precolonial African religions demonised by European colonialists
– one video: showing the fetishes’ magical powers. Music influenced by Cameroonian juju & Nollywood soundtracks
‘Untitled’ (solo), Quench, Margate, May 2023
– six wooden, waste fabric-wrapped vessels with openings revealing precious metals. Gamifying mining to comment on the child labour rife within Global South mining
‘Toghu’, personal project
– A stop-motion embroidery film about queer Cameroonian identity. Creating an LGBTQIA+ Cameroonian archive by queering ‘Toghu’, Cameroon’s national textile

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]
Socials: @kialytihngang

In the studio


Selected By

Nick Jordan and Amber Henry of Mason & Fifth, alongside Hypha Studios trustees

Mason & Fifth is a community living project who have offered fully furnished flats and studio spaces to eight artists for two months at their site in Primrose Hill. They partnered with Hypha Studios for the selection process. The live-in residencies are offered in exchange for donating a work made during the two months to Mason & Fifth, who will display the work in one of their future buildings and in an exhibition in early 2023.