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Maria Positano

Maria Positano (Italian b.1995) works across sculpture and installation. She makes sculptural installations around subjective and symbolic, her work shifts between speculative, personal and pseudo-ethnographic. Maria proposes places of illusion, of non binary thinking, spaces to regain ownership over the imaginative. Her recent installations juxtapose subjective and symbolic narratives, weaving fluid sculpture, multiple material histories and cultural hybrids.  She completed her BA at C&G London Art School in 2018.

Residency Project Idea

She aims to explore a topic which she has been developing recently, which originates from wind vectors and gold disks. Vectors as convergence of energy (aka wind vectors) but also used as metaphor for circumstance and encounter within art. Gold disks are ethnographic objects which have been found to be significant across various cultures in history (Ireland, Mexico, Greece), originally used as connectors between earth and sky, often left in the landscape as a relic. During this residency she aims to bring these two concepts together, experimenting with small to medium size sculpture and video documentation.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]
Socials: @maria.positano


Selected By

Nick Jordan and Amber Henry of Mason & Fifth, alongside Hypha Studios trustees

Mason & Fifth is a community living project who have offered fully furnished flats and studio spaces to eight artists for two months at their site in Primrose Hill. They partnered with Hypha Studios for the selection process. The live-in residencies are offered in exchange for donating a work made during the two months to Mason & Fifth, who will display the work in one of their future buildings and in an exhibition in early 2023.