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Molly Stredwick

Molly’s work is filled with symbolism about her life and experiences of navigating the world as a woman. Heeled boots, arms, legs, spilled blood and mystery liquids litter her canvases – fragments of stories waiting to be connected by the audience to project their own narratives on to the work.

Severed hands hint at feelings of disconnection from the world and a lack of bodily autonomy. Long clumsy arms and legs hand and dangle, reaching for bottles or hanging purposelessly, using imagery from horror films to illustrate a world where drunken mishaps result in a severed hand laying a puddle of blood rather than a hangover and humiliating memories

She uses mediums that have a spontaneity about them – such as un stretched canvas and acrylic paint, pen on paper and air dry clay. The immediacy and reactive nature of her work means she can respond to her day to day anxieties, giving the viewer a sense of urgency in the conveying of her message: “misspelled words and crossings out are unimportant if I can convey my message or story”

Public Programme

Molly created an exhibition of the works that she created “What’s the Opposite of Floating?” in the space which she presented to the public and gave artist talks about. Curator online tour recording is below.

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Email: [email protected]

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Selected By

Joe Hill, Director of the Towner Gallery, Eastbourne

Led by Director Joe Hill since 2018, Towner presents exhibitions of national and international importance for audiences in Eastbourne, the UK and beyond, showcasing the most exciting and creative developments in modern and contemporary art. Originally trained as an artist, Joe has over ten years’ experience working as a director, curator and project coordinator for visual arts organisations, public commissioning and directly with artists. This experience has been cultivated through working at and with high-profile arts institutions including Focal Point Gallery, Camden Arts Centre, Firstsite, Modus Operandi public art consultancy and internationally as part of the Venice Biennale.