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Nectar curated by Thin Red Lion

50 Celebration Avenue, Stratford E20 1DB

PRIVATE VIEW: Wednesday, 6th June 2024, 6 – 9pm
EXHIBITION OPEN: 7th July – 7th July 2024
Thursday – Sunday, 12 – 6pm
Kindly supported by Get Living

Set within the confines of a former Sainsbury’s store, Nectar examines the intricate dynamics of loyalty, discovery, investment, and rewards, celebrating the rejuvenating power of seasonal transition, and reminding us of the inherent benefits that come with resilience and perseverance. Just as sweet nectar fuels the vital pollination cycle, Nectar contemplates the interdependence of nature’s rewards that keep the world functioning harmoniously.

At the heart of the exhibition lies an exploration of loyalty across diverse contexts. From personal allegiances to communal bonds and consumer relationships. Whether manifested through everyday interactions with loved ones or through the accumulation of points on loyalty cards, the artworks in Nectar invites introspection on the correlation between loyalty and reward, as well as highlighting the rewards that stem from steadfast commitments and enduring relationships.

Much like the joy of uncovering something rare, the exhibition celebrates the moments of discovery and fulfillment that arise from sustained engagement with life’s pursuits. Thus prompting us to consider the correlation between investment and reward in various aspects of life. Whether it be the slow and deliberate process of scrambling eggs to perfection or the pursuit of enhanced value through thoughtful decision-making and strategic planning, Nectar encourages us to recognize the value of patience, diligence, and persistence.

Exhibited Artists:
Anaïs Comer – @anaiscomer
Chris Rabbit – @chrisrabbitartt
Edgar Racy – @edgarracy
Ellie Niblock – @ellieniblock
Emma Louise Moore – @emmalouisesculpture
Emma Ogawa Todd – @3mmatodd
Emma Ridgway – @emmycrayon
Joseph Thabang Palframan – @joe.palfra
Keziah Greenwood – @kezimay
Konstantinos Leloudas – @leloudsk
Marine One – @marine_one_art
Natasha Brown and Franceso Felletti – @stitches_for_dinner @Francesco Felletti
Paul Barbu – @paulstefanbarbu
Sara Shishkova – @sara.shishkova
Sid and Jim – @sid_smith @jimbicknellknight
Tom Coates – @coatseyy

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Email: [email protected]
Socials: @thinredlion