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Public Programme

PRIVATE VIEW Thursday 30th November 6-9pm
Open 1st December – 15th February 2024
Unit L36 The Oracle, Reading RG1 2AG

Contemporary, un cautious, curious. Open Collective is a student-led radical artist collective based in Reading, supporting the development of early-career creatives and providing a community of shared knowledge and support within the arts. Each of their members have varied and unique practices, including but not limited to: performance, sculpture, music, writing, and drag. They are all actively engaged with local communities, and have experience with running workshops and events which promote inclusivity and free thinking. Open Collective believe that their combined experiences make for unique and engaging outputs, and they are looking forward to expanding their events to a larger scale.

Open Collective are a group of deluded silly song writing silly art making weirdos.
This might be serious
This might be powerful
Our Members: Lara Beasley/DUAC, Cheri Clayton, Chang Ling Shan Samantha, Constance Hope, Sofia Pantsjoha, Alex Buxton, Andreea Ene, Cherry Dodd, Josephine Maxwell, Charlotte Emerton-Rolfe

Open Collective is currently interested in the idea of entropy. They are intrigued by the tendency for things to dissolve into chaos, and feel that this work can be reflected through various unique lenses in our practices. Open Collective also believe that this reflects theie idea of becoming integrated further into the local community, distributing and intermeshing to it. Their practices are often site-specific, and so they would maximise the use of the space by creating works tailored to the venue.

Open Collective plan on hosting a minimum of 8 events, with at least one event each week of the residency. Many of their members have experience with performance in some respect, and we would have at least one event which highlighted this aspect of our work. They are also interested in hosting skills workshops, life drawing events, and artist talks, which would make the content of the exhibition more accessible.

Contact Information
Email: [email protected]