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Rachael Nee

Rachael Nee wishes she’d concentrated more in physics at school. Her work revels in a science focused arty geekdom mostly using sound and DIY electronics. She then folds in a sprinkling of fiction, a dash of playfulness and a dollop of the Heath Robinsons. Rachael aims to add the human, working with people is an important part ofher practice. Previous projects include; ‘Potato Powered Cosmos’ an installation at CERN, Switzerland, Rachael was artist-in-residence for their teaching program. ‘The Fumifugium’, an organ made from exhaust manifolds, based on a 17th century book on air pollution; and ‘Assembly’, a range of useless electronic ‘products’ from a Heritage Lottery Funded residency, researching women in the electronics industry.

During her time at Broadwalk she will be making work that has its focus on the ‘The Bristol Hum’. For decades people have complained of hearing a low-frequency noise throughout Bristol, it was comprehensively researched by Bristol Environmental Health department in the 1980’s, nothing was found…. and yet, it persists. It is actually a worldwide phenomenon, with a dedicated website and map. Rachael will be experimenting with sound and electronics, exploring resonance, frequency and vibration. Fed into these will be historical record, fiction, myth, hearsay and personal testimony, turning the shop into ‘The Bristol Hum Research Centre’ and opening it up on many occasions.

Public Programme

Rachael will be encouraging the public to give their anecdotes about the Bristol Hum,which she will be recording and feeding into the project. The project will stretch her practice in terms of collaboration and experimentation with new forms such as performance. Alongside electronics she wishes to work with ‘the voice’, perhaps a singer, or form a ‘Bristol Hum Choir” working with the local community as collaborators, but she will also bring in other groups in the City such as Bristol Environmental Health, Bristol University Physics department and Bristol City Archives. The research will culminate in an exhibition and a talk on the subject.


“What started as a space to run an art project has revealed its true potential. To be the place I can fast forward a long-held dream that I’d thought unfeasible. I can take the first steps in building a public-facing art/science/tech project and workshop space”

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Gary Topp Executive Director of the Arnolfini, Bristol

Gary Topp has been the Arnolfini s Executive Director since February 2019 taking the organisation through a period significant change and progress to re-establish Arnolfini as a leading UK centre for contemporary arts in a partnership with University of the West of England. He has been chief executive of a range of cultural organisations across the UK and in Australia over a 30- year career including Yorkshire Culture, Greening Australia and Culture Central. Gary began his career as a visual arts curator and museums manager in Dorset and Teesside. He has extensive leadership experience working within the context of social and economic change and placemaking. He is Chair of Trustees at the Leach Pottery, an FRSA and holds a number of other board and advisory roles.