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Public Programme

Studio Show organised by Reading School of Art
University of Reading
PRIVATE VIEW Tuesday 24 Oct 4-7pm
Open 25 Oct – 19 Nov
Friday – Saturday 1 – 5 pm
Unit L36 The Oracle, Reading RG1 2AG

Reading School of Art will present a multi-media exhibition of new work comprising painting, sculpture, video works and prints. They will populate the space with a series of interventions and organise a series of public events, including student-led artist talks and video screenings. Reading School of Art is an active art department at the University of Reading, with events, performances, screenings and shared discussions across disciplines that create a social environment.

Recent exhibitions by RSA students have included ‘Arachnophopbia and other Tales’ at Thames Tower 2023, ‘Escape – MA group show, 571 Oxford Road, 2023; The Group Show, self-organised by BA students at Broad Street Mall; Counter Urbanisation, international student show at Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, 2022; On Waiting, Strauhof Zurich, group show by staff and students, 2021.

Exhibiting artists: Abraham Trent, Rim Alkaiat, Daisy Andrews, Mia Andreyeva, Jesse Archer, Alys Burton, Sofia Butrus, Juliana Chiffey, Sophia Chow, Anna Claffey, Gloria Da Silva, Megan Davies, Caitlin Davis, Georgina Dayanc, Katrina Dayanc, Melissa Fox, Serge Fradin De La Renaudiere, Aiora Gomez- Iradi, Kiera-Grace Gordon, Chloe Henriques Barbosa, Sophia Hinchliffe, Andie James, Millie Johnson, Saima Khan, Jasmine Khatani, Quin King-Higgins, Ariel Kwong, Samara Materna, Nesta Maylam, Josie Meyer, Melissa Oliver, Siuli Pal, Tamia Precilla, Annabel Prescott, Aedan Price, Leah Rashid, Kira Read, Lucy Richardson, Megan Slater, Ireland Smither, Milly Tasker, Aimee Taylor, Si Wan Yam, Hoi Yee Yu.

Thursday 26 October 4 – 6pm: Artist-led exhibition tours 4-6pm, all welcome
Wednesday 1st November 2 – 4pm: Drawing workshop for children,  2- 4pm, (suitable for
children between 5-10 years) have to attend with parent or guardian
Thursday 2 November 4 – 6pm: Artist-led exhibition tours, all welcome
Thursday 9th November 5 – 6pm: Performances, all welcome
Tuesday 14th November 4 – 6pm Clay Workshop, all welcome
Thursday 16th November: 4 – 6pm: Workshop with UoR Fine Art Society (this events is
advertised to students only)

Kindly supported by Hypha Studios and Reading School of Art
Contact: @unirdg_art, @rsa_finalists2023

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#performance #sound

Contact Information:
Email: [email protected] 
Socials: @unirdg_art


Aedan Price

Observation Awareness_, 2023, digital Print

Andie James

Tropicalis Pt.3_, 2023

Annabel Prescott, _

Sunday_, 2023, watercolour and acrylic on 60x60cm canvas

Quin King-Higgins

Signing Hands’, 2023

Gloria Da Silva

‘In Motion’, 2023, Acrylic and Oil on canvas

Milly Tasker

‘Crochet Quodlibet’, 2023, Oil on canvas

Millie Johnson,

‘Broken Finger’, 2023, Clay sculpture

Daisy Andrews

‘Summer Garden’, 2023, Acrylic on canvas

Melissa Fox,

Holding Beauty’, 2023, Porcelain sculptures

Trent Abraham,

‘Journey’, 2023, Photographs

Samara Materna,

‘What happened to her?’, 2023 Acrylic on canvas,

Georgina and Katrina Dayanc,

Orchestra of goodbyes – installation shot, 2023

Ireland Smither

ans Corps Without Body_, 2023, Acrylic, Oil, Oil Pastel on canvas 59″ x 39″

Kiera Grace

Nambie #1_, 2023, paper collage

Saima Khan

‘Amma’, 2023, Film, duration: 3 mins 14 seconds, 

Jesse Archer

‘Trend,’ 2023, Print and acrylic on reconstructed tape used for chest binding.

Megan Davies,

‘Look Up’, 2023, Graphite pencil on paper and prints on acetate

‘Ariel Kwong,

‘Virtual Assistant Testing Package’, 2023, HD Video, duration: 1 min 30 seconds

Ireland Smither

‘Mother Stand Still’ (top left “Edith”, top right “Claire”, bottom left “Harriet”), 2023, Acrylic, oil and pastel on canvas

Nesta Maylam,

‘Italia’, 2023, Screenprint on fabric

Leah Rashid,

‘Breaking Free’, 2023, Mixed media sculpture

Sergei Fradin

De La Renaudiere, Untitled

Jasmine Khatani

_Untitled_, 2023

Josie Meyer

Uterovision_, 2023, video, monitor, black and white, table, textile, yarn

Saima Khan

The Way of Tears_, 2023, installation still

Alys Burton,

‘Home’, 2023, Screen Print on Fabric

Sophia Chow

‘Inner Love’, 2023, Acrylic on Canvas

Aimee Taylor

‘Shades of new’, 2023, Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas

Sofia Butrus

‘The Light and Mercy’, 2023, screen print, acrylic paint, and oil paint on canvas.

Anna Claffey

‘Stuck’, 2023, Animation

Chloe Henriques Barbosa,

‘Noli me tangere’, 2023, Cotton, Polyester

Jasmine Khatani,

‘Unspoken Differences’, 2023, Film, duration: 15 mins

Megan Slater,

‘i promise i’m not a capitalist but where there’s a Wilko there’s a way’, 2023, Text and Film

Kira Read

Mother_, 2023, digital print.jpg

Siuli Pal

The Last Supper_, 2023, oil on canvas

Sofia Butrus, _

Untitled 01_, 2023, lino print on canvas

Melissa Oliver,


Annabel Prescott

‘Sunday’, 2023, Watercolour and Acrylic on canvas



Siuli-mo Pal

‘Is This Your Legacy?’, 2023, Oil on canvas. What do you think about when you hear the words “British Empire”? 


‘Loyalty’, 2023, Acrylic on canvas

Mia Andreyeva,

 ‘Solace under the canopy’, 2023, Cyanotype print on fabric

Juliana Chiffey,

‘Disrupted Treescape’, 2023, Acrylic on canvas

Georgina Dayanc,

‘Ood and Organ’, 2023, Mixed media: Wooden tool table, cardboard, clamps,metal pipes and wool,

Megan Davies

People Watching_ 2023.jpeg

Juliana Chiffey

_Multi-coloured Geometric Shapes_, 2023, Coloured paper

Daisy Andrews

Floral Memories_, 2023, Acrylic paint on canvases

Josie Meyer

‘A Sullen Night’, 2023, Film, duration: 1 min 40 seconds

Sophia Hinchliffe

‘To be a girl’, 2023, acrylic on canvas

Andie James


Lucy Richardson,

‘Nostalgia’, 2023, Graphite pencil on paper, enlarged and printed

Kira Read,

‘OverLord’, 2023, Acrylic on cardboard, 38″ x 65″

Caitlin Davis

‘I shall not lie here’, 2023, Recycled pyjamas on bedsheet

Áedán Price,

Observed//Observer, 2023, Mixed Media Sculpture

Katrina Dayanc,

‘Ood and organ’, 2023, Mixed media: wooden tool table, card, clamps, metal copper and steel pipes and wool