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Segments curated by Stun Collective

21 Segedunum Way, The Forum Shopping Centre, Wallsend, NE28 8JP

PV : 13th April, 3 – 5pm
Open: 13th April – 4th May

A group exhibition exploring the segmented practises of Kitty L M McKay , Catrin Bell-Jackson and Britney Fraser .
In their opening exhibition to their newly founded project, exploring the loss of the high street, they provide an introduction to each of their individual practices. By bringing workshops and art events to the Wallsend scene, they hope to gain meaningful engagement with the public enhancing their future works.

‘STUN’ presents segmented memories.

Britney Fraser’s proggy rugs explore the undervalued labour in the Northumbrian trade industry. Using handwritten dialect, her work highlights the voices of the untold and the overlooked stories within her working community.

Catrin Bell-Jackson’s sculptures address the sharpness surrounding female gender struggles. Fragmented from personal memories of living abroad, facing unnerving danger creating an unnerving edge to the works.

Kitty L M Mckay’s plasticine paintings take monochrome memories of leisure lost to time and austerity. The heavily researched archive captures the nostalgic moments in time, transforming them into bold, bright and playful plasticine works.

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Email: [email protected]
Socials: @catrin.belljackson @kittylmmckay