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Tales from the Sea, Tales of the Land curated by Open Collective

36 Minister Street, Reading, RG1 2JB

PRIVATE VIEW: 1st June 2024, 5 – 8pm
EXHIBITION OPEN: 2nd June – 7th July 2024
Thursday – Sunday, 10am – 4pm
Kindly supported by The Oracle Reading

Open Collective burrow into the rich soils of lived histories that have come to characterise the artists’ individual definitions of homeland. They unearth indelible lines that connect the emotional responses to diaspora, ecological inquiries relating to material and practice, and above all, the spirituality of space. These themes run deep in the veins of the artists’, crashing like waves upon their planes of existence. Open Collective ruminates on the sheer power of origin. Transversing unique terrains, this exhibition is the materialisation of the ceaseless seeking of place.

With special thanks to Hypha Studios who are supporting this exhibition along with the University of Reading & The Oracle.

Exhibiting Artists:
Chang Ling Shan Samantha
Connie Hope
Éva Vanderpoorter
Josephine Maxwell
Lara Beasley
Andreea Ene
Alex Buxton
Annabella Fudella
Aya Tamimi

About Open Collective:
Open Collective is a group of silly art-making weirdos who support each other in their practices and hold space for one another. As a group we agree that it is important to feel safe to play and explore. Our values are rooted in diversity and facilitating spaces where we can make art without being discriminated against based on ethnicity, neurodivergence, queerness and/or disability.
As early career artists we are taking it upon ourselves to share skills and learn how to create something accessible and without hierarchy. We began as a small group of artists and intend on expanding into a larger, fluid community. The collective is open to all who share its values.
To be open is to be free.

Contact Information
Email: [email protected]
Socials: @open_collective_