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Tyler Eash
Unit 4, 218-220 Stewarts Road, Battersea, SW8 4UB
Tyler Eash will be using the studio in Battersea for a year to prepare for a busy rosta of international shows coming up!

Tyler Eash is a post-disciplinadry artist and Maidu 2Spirit of the Maidu Tribe of California. Their work engages all artistic actions to build new sovereign territories that unearth indigeneity from the colonised world.

Tyler Eash is an Indigenous Californian Maidu 2 Spirit working in the subject of reindigenization. They work in a post-disciplinary fashion, using performance, sculpture, drawing, painting, film, music and poetry as means of uncovering an identity buried by history. In their practice; sincere confessions and desires for liberation under capitalism/colonialism are manifested into a series of visual artifacts, texts, and happenings. Built in response to the removal of one’s own history, ancestral culture, and sense of self, Eash’s work engages the medium of identity to express our inherent imaginations as the last frontier of true sovereignty after colonialism. Whether material or immaterial, Eash’s work employs the body as a working document, an avatar to represent the desires of a post-capitalist, post-colonial, post-gender self, an interface between a queer rural artist of the Indigenous “American” and Irish diasporas and the Anglo-colonial realms of high culture.

Tyler Eash (1988, Turtle Island), currently lives and works between London, UK, and the forests of the Maidu in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Selected solo and duo exhibitions include All the World’s Horses, NıCOLETTı, London, UK (2023), Channel 1, Further, San Francisco, CA, TI (2022); Marysville, Oh Holy Land, Kupfer Projects, London, UK (2022); Marysville, Oh Holy Land, Four Fourteen Gallery, Marysville, CA, TI (2022); Lilies in the Headlights (with Roxman Gatt) curated by Giulia Menegale, London, UK (2021); Loreum, NICOLETTI, London, UK (2020), and Mountain, B. Dewitt Gallery, London, UK (2019).

Selected group exhibitions and performances: Re-Discovering Native America: Stories in Motion with The Red Road Project, Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA,TI (Forthcoming 2024); Drück nur auf die Klinke, Jägerschere, Niederer-Fläming, DE (2022); La forme de l’eau, Galerie Joseph, Paris, FR (2022); Sun Kissed, NÉVÉ, Los Angeles, CA, TI (2022); Allusion to a body no longer present, Kunstraum, London, UK, Block Universe and The Swiss Church, London, UK (2018); All places shall be hell that is not heaven, Deptford, London, UK (2018); A Handful of Uncertainty and Joy, Chalton Gallery, London, UK (2017); Full Moon in the Daytime, R/SF Projects, San Francisco, CA, TI (2017).

Tyler Eash graduated from Goldsmiths, University of London, with a Master of Fine Art with Distinction (2019)

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Email: [email protected]
Socials: @tylereash