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PRIVATE VIEW: 18th of January
Open: 19th of January – 16th of February
Thursday – Saturday (11am-6pm)
Unit 3 Euston Tower, 286, Euston Road, London NW1 3DP
Kindly supported by Hypha Studios, Engage Works, and British Land

HARDWired aims to create a space that invites visitors to ponder the role of technology in altering our shared human experience and how it can influence a shift in our social and political landscape. Through immersive artworks, talks, and workshops, the exhibition challenges intuitive perceptions of technology as inherently rational and logical, exploring the affective undercurrents that drive the use of technology as tools that purposefully target and shape our emotions, relationships, society, and politics.

Through immersive artworks, talks, and workshops, HARDWired becomes a space that invites visitors to ponder the dualistic use of technology and reflect on its role in altering our shared human experience and shifting our social and political landscape. On one hand, new mediums have transformed social interactions, unlocking new levels of interconnectedness and collaboration. But they have also heightened social and political anxieties; at times becoming tools that purposefully target and shape our affective responses.

About the Collective / Curators
Autonomous Sheep is a London-based collective of artists hailing from diverse cultural and disciplinary backgrounds. Our aim is to critically engage with new technologies and invite visitors to investigate how technology has intricately rewired our emotions and feelings, engage with its social and political influence, and optimistically explore technology’s potential to cultivate alternative ways of communication and collective creation.

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Contact Information
Email: [email protected]
Socials: @autonomous.sheep



Bluff, digital


Algorithmic Echos, Digital, physical, and AI

Antonia Valencia

Nebulous Narratives, Installation, photography intervention, 2023

Ileana Park

Facets – Echoes of Entity, digital, 2023

Luisa Charles & Lucio Martus

E KAISIRI ESEN-KAMANTO, Video installation, 2024

Ileana Park

Poetic Box, Arduino-powered installation, 2022

April Chu

onoffon radio, Radio Broadcast, 2023

Olivia Burgess

Pipe Dreams, Digital, performance, sculpture

Tony Mink

Charcoal Drawings, Charcoal, 2023

Qui Chen

“Deep Nude”, digital, 2023

Gil Altarace Sherman

Zeta Angel, digital, 2023

Joe Toole

Simulated Solidarity

Rajvi Bhandari

Al Judge, Performance, 2023

April Chu

Semiotics of the Kitchen, Video, 2023

Koundinya Dhulipalla, Janani Venkateswaran

poetry as code; code as poetry, digital codework, 2023