Daniela Delerci & D Collective


Unit 3, 19 Sheldon Square, Paddington Central, London W2 6EY
Rehearsal 1st July – 4th August 2024
Public 4th August – 18th August 2024
Days in rehearsal Monday, Saturday and Sunday

D Collective is a pioneering dance company with a dynamic focus on social topic. Situated at the intersection of art and activism, the company leverages the power of dance to explore and comment on pressing community and individual problematics.

By crafting visually compelling films and performance that feature the unique expressiveness of dance, D Collective aims to challenge perceptions, provoke dialogue, and inspire. They have been working internationally, from Italy to Egypt to develop different shows in the last past three years. They are an emerging company that started to develop a new challenging creative practice in 2019. They have been supported by the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Dance, S’ Ala (Spazio per artisti) in Italy, teatro dello Scompiglio, the Aesthetic Art society in Armenia and Arts Council.

“Songs of Love and Hate” seeks to be a powerful testament to the human stories behind asylum, inviting reflection, fostering empathy, and advocating for change. Through this artistic endeavour, the collective aspires to highlight the resilience and humanity of those who embark on this daunting journey. These narratives serve as the cornerstone of the choreographic and creative process, weaving a profound connection between the stories and communities.

public programme

The project will be divided into two main phases: initial development and community engagement followed by final production and performance. During the first phase, they are interested to develop the foundational elements of the performance piece through daily rehearsals, to foster community involvement and incorporate local narratives into the performance. They will conduct daily sessions to refine the performance and we will offer free workshops to local community members. During the second phase, they will incorporate artistic and technical elements into the rehearsals to prepare for the public showcase.

contact information

Email: [email protected]
Socials: @delercidaniela