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Samuel Rose – Hypha Studios x HAF

SU13A, Priory Meadow, Hastings TN34 1PH

Sam is a recent graduate of the Hastings Art Foundation course and his practice focuses on artistic film production and immersive installations. This primarily consists of creating specific atmospheres and aesthetics through the medium of experimental film making. His most recent installations have incorporated homemade props and costumes within the installation. Sam also manipulates the audio that accompanies his work to reinforce and develop the intended expressions of his work.

How Sam will use his free studio
Sam plans to finish his latest film and exhibit it, including a planned and publicised event where he shall talk about his creative process and answer any questions to an audience. His new film is titled ‘My Monsters’ employs projections and installations to explore how fictional horror characters are often cold and emotionless and instead turns ‘monsters’ into emotionally developed characters plagued with similar emotional experiences to the human condition. Sam intends to host an event for Hastings students, through his networks with local film festivals, he shall contact local artists and pool together a selection of film screenings and Q&As.

“This space represents a fantastic opportunity for me to progress my craft, artistic style and engage in my passion. The studio would enable me to connect to an audience in my home town and with other local creatives. A lot of my work is filmed within the surrounding area of this studio and supports Hastings thriving arts and culture scene, gaining feedback from these local audiences would be invaluable. I also plan (as previously discussed with Hastings art foundation course) to co-run a film club with tutors for current students enrolled at Hastings college within this space”.

Contact Information
Email: [email protected]

In the studio