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Apply today: free large rehearsal/performance space 4,450 SQFT
We are looking for groups of dancers, performers or artists that would like to use this space for 6 weeks at time as rehearsal and performance space.
You will need to apply as a group.
Unit 3, Sheldon Square, London, W2 6PY
DEADLINE TO APPLY: 26th May 2024

There are two initial opportunities to use this space, which is likely to be extended

1ST GROUP: Monday 27th May – Sunday 7th July
2ND GROUP: Monday 8th July – 18th August

In return for the free rehearsal space you will use the space fully & organise some public- facing events/performances as part of your occupation.
We suggest a 4 week rehearsal period with a 2 week performance schedule, but you should describe how you will use the space in the 6 weeks.
To be selected, please pay special attention to the public programme element.
We will prioritise applications that consider engaging the local communities in Westminster.

This opportunity is open to creatives that can easily access the space, so living within an hour of the site.
We are especially interested in how you engage the local community of Westminster.
We will prioritise those that cannot normally afford rehearsal and performance space, and believe that this opportunity might help them reach the next stage of their career. We are committed to supporting creatives and communities most in need & will prioritise creatives who declare they are struggling – whether financially, mentally or physically.

Application Deadline

All applications must be made online using the link below, and must be received no later than 6pm on 26th May 2024

Application Process

We accept applications from all creative practitioners and we have a variety of sites coming up to host a variety of art forms. We understand application processes can be time consuming so we have restricted the answers to a maximum of 100 words.

For short term project space we have application periods of approximately 3/4 weeks. For each placement we create a short list of triple the amount of exhibition opportunities that we have in the same site. We create a shortlist which we put forward to our selection panel that will be comprised of our trustees and a local Cultural Partner (such as a curator of a museum). The success of your application for both the short list and being selected by the panel will be based on your answers in the application form so please read the questions carefully and follow the guidelines.

The areas that we will focus on are: what you plan to use the space for, how it would develop your practice and most importantly – the public event(s). This could be an exhibition walk through, talk, performance or whatever best suits your practice. You do not need a fully formed event as we understand your work in the studio space may inform what you do but we want to see what your initial thoughts are. The objective for this is to engage local communities but also for us to show your work to a wider audience.

Lastly, in the event that you are not successful, we will keep your application on file in the case that we will have other opportunities to put you forward for. If you do not want us to keep your application on file please let us know [email protected]

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