Ewelina Bartowska


Ewelina is a clay sculptress and clay activist exploring the transformative power of raw materials. Her practice embraces sustainable processes; she has become an alternative kiln builder as a way to link place and community. She believes in the transformative power of raw materials and the benefits of time spent on making together. Currently she is developing a series of vessels made with recycled clay and decorated with a glaze from the Thames. Ewelina comes from a similar, yet much smaller Garden City herself. She will be inviting the public to join her in several locations following the old locations of Becontree Estate Railway system. She will be collecting local materials and then she will be creating a fire sculpture in the garden.

Public Programme

Ewelina’s site-specific project in the garden of Alderman’s Jones’s house is to build a large-scale fire sculpture to celebrate his life, 100 years of Becontree estate, and the unique design of the Garden City. Ewelina thinks of clay as a community development tool and a conversation starter. She will be offering clay workshops to local groups and using the collaborative approach to transmit information and values within the community of Becontree.

The Becontree community used to revolve around collective rituals – gardening competitions, Monday used to be the laundry day, etc. Even today, when the front garden was being taken care of, all neighbours started to maintain theirs – collectively taking care of the way the banjo (cul-de-sac) exists in a communal context. It was also very revolutionary to offer social housing with gas, electricity, nearby schools and garden space back in the 1920s. The latter gave people plenty of outdoor space, the chance to grow food and even keep small farm animals.

The most performative and ritualistic part of the ceramic process is the firing. Her practice serves as an example of developing ancient ways of raku firing to celebrate the process otherwise reserved for the maker and the assistants. Not only does Ewelina invite the public to make in clay and co-design the sculpture but also actively participate in the spectacle. There is the mystical, cathartic, transcendental, metaphorical and philosophical experience of a communal firing. It offers a moment of separation from reality, allowing people to reflect and to fully engage through all senses.

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2018 – Present: Studio Consultant, currently working at Mud Gang Pottery as Studio Technician and independent artist
2018 – 2021: Workshop leader, leading clay workshops at Hampstead School of Arts, Spitalfields Market and Time and Talents/working across ages and abilities
2017 – Presen: Visiting Tutor at CSM for various Outreach Projects

2017 – 2020: Workshop Leader across primary schools . Exploring Art and Design thinking through the medium of clay as part of the National Widening Access Programme
November 2019 – April 2020: Particimaking Situated Practice Graduate Residency with MAKE at Story Garden/leading artist, celebrating Sommers Town with Fire Sculpture
June 2018: The Skip Garden Community Kiln Project “Ignite” – introducing to basic clay techniques – workshop leader, gas kiln technician Raku firings
September 2017: Tate Modern – Factory. The Seen and Unseen. Live Installation at Tate Exchange, role – maker, ceramic factory worker training visitors how to slip cast

London, Design Ceramic BA / CSM: ual 2019 – 2016

Course Teaching Thinking 2017

London, Diploma Foundation Design and Art / Cass The 2016 – 2015

Poland, Katowice in Theatre Silesian / School Drama 2011 – 2009

Poland, Communication and Journalism / University Copernicus Nicolas 2009 – 2006

Group Exhibitions
Collection current / 2019 September Festival Design London Gallery Mint

Graduates Ceramics BA & MA Martins Saint Central Exhibition Impressions Lasting

2019 September Festival Design London

2019 June Exhibition Graduates Design Ceramic BA – Design: two Show CSM

2018 April – February and 2017 May London Pangolin

2017 July – Show Garden Urban RHS

2017 March – Library Lindley RHS at Potted